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Rob J. Hayes — From Cold Ashes Risen

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Eskara has lost everything. The War Eternal has cost her everything she loves, and the Iron Legion has taken the rest. Yet there is something that is still hers, something that kept her warm during her time in the Pit. Anger and a lust for vengeance. First on the list of those who must pay, the Emperor of Terrelan.
Her friends counsel peace, but her inner demons push for war, and Eska finds herself caught in the middle. Will she find a way to reap her vengeance? Or will the enemies of her past catch up to her first?
One thing is certain. The world will soon know fear when the Corpse Queen ascends her throne.

Name: From Cold Ashes Risen
Author: Rob J. Hayes
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 2020
the Language: English
Format: fb2, rtf
File size: 10.9 MB

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