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Dainty Peter - Phrasal Verbs in Context
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Dainty Peter - Phrasal Verbs in Context

Автор:Dainty Peter
Название: Phrasal Verbs in Context
Издательство: Illustrations Macmillan Publishers Limited
Год: 1991
Формат: МР3+JPG
Размер: 123МВ

English phrasal verbs are notoriously difficult to learn, but this colourful, entertaining book contextualises them in a memorable and supportive way. Phrasal Verbs in Context presents over 300 phrasal verbs in the context of a humorous story in cartoon form which sustains the reader's interest and concentration. Learning is promoted and reinforced by a series of vocabulary and preposition exercises that practise and recycle individual items.
The book contains:
• the full cartoon story with accompanying exercises and detailed grammar notes;
• the text reworked as an extended blank-filling exercise;
• an answer key;
• an alphabetical listing of the phrasal verbs covered in the book, cross-referenced to the original text.
The cartoon story has been recorded on cassette, and can also be bought as a book/cassette package.
Phrasal Verbs in Context is recommended as supplementary material for Peter Dainty's Passport to Cambridge First Certificate course, or for any other coursebook at First Certificate level.

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