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Knit Simple Knitting Workshops
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Название: Knit Simple Knitting Workshops
Издательство: Sixth spring books
Год: 2011
Формат: PDF
Размер: 16МВ

From the editors of KNIT SIMPLE comes a very special collection of 35 step-by-step workshops, and more than 80 of the magazines most popular products. Need to brush up (or learn) to knit cables? There's a workshop to explain it. How about that tricky decrease for the hat you're making? Simply go to "Chart Toppers" workshop. Sock knitting? It's demystified in "Playing footsie." It's all here, from reading the most basic of charts to color knitting technique to sewing the perfect seam. A plethora of sweaters, accessories, and fashions, more than 80 in all, will inspire even the most timid of knitters to try out their newly aquired skills on many projects waiting to be knit up.

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